A new discount-deal site, www.curecoupon.com, is seeking massage therapists to partner with. Unlike other deal sites, this new business limits customers-per-deal to just 10 so that health care practitioners are not overrun with deal-seekers.

CureCoupon is seeking health and wellness providers from many specialties to offer discounted services to consumers interested in improving their health. Like www.groupon and other deal sites, www.curecoupon.com provides discounts and deals to its users, but is among the first to focus exclusively on health-and-wellness offers.

“What makes us different is that we have a maximum of 10 clients per any one offer,” said Kristin Pressman, M.D., C.E.O., and co-founder with her husband Karl Lautman, a strategic planner for tech companies. “The provider is not overburdened and the consumer is allowed easier appointment access.

“Consumers feel very privileged to see our health care providers and feel lucky to be getting an appointment priced at something less than the providers’ standard rate,” Pressman added.

Massage therapists interested in offering their services through www.curecoupon.com may call (424) 262-2873 or send an email to operations@curecoupon.com.