New Dell Commercial Features Dermalogica Skin Care, MASSAGE MagazineA new television campaign for Dell computers honors the beginning of Dermalogica, a leading professional skin care brand, more than 25 years ago. The campaign, which is airing in every major market in the U.S., salutes innovative brands that started with humble beginnings.

Dermalogica co-founder and owner Jane Wurwand comments, “This insightful campaign really gets it right when describing not only our story, but the story of entrepreneurial success everywhere: Endless vision and an equal amount of audaciousness,’ as the ad states.”

In 1986, Jane and husband Raymond Wurwand founded the professional skin care brand, which now leads the industry, just a few years after they arrived to the U.S.—with a small family loan and one suitcase each. Living in Los Angeles, California, Jane Wurwand first founded The International Dermal Institute (IDI), a postgraduate institution for licensed professionals, choosing the initial small, storefront location based on walking-distance proximity to the apartment she shared with Raymond, since the couple shared a car. Three years later, the Wurwands created the Dermalogica brand and launched the first core products introduced to support the rigorous postgraduate IDI curriculum.

“Dermalogica is so honored to be recognized by Dell as one of the world’s great stories,” says Wurwand. “We hope to inspire innovators everywhere, just as they continue to inspire and motivate us.”

The new Dell advertising campaign, which aired twice on New Year’s Eve, had a combined reach of almost 10 million adults. Media coverage of the campaign also resulted in more than 65 million in reach during the first week of its airing and social media was abuzz with conversation from key industry leaders. To view the new Dell advertising campaign, CLICK HERE

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