New website has a selection of chemical-free essential oils and products imperative for people who want to relieve stress in their lives. Recently, site co-founder, Tricia Melzard, sat down to talk about the web store’s goals and blog.

Quincy, MA (PRWEB) March 18, 2009 — These days, most Americans suffer from the rigors of being overworked, both in the professional field and in their personal lives. Several studies, including an alarming one from the American Medical Association, claim that stress is a factor in sickness (the AMA’s report shows that it’s responsible for 75 percent of illnesses). Thankfully, people aren’t subjected to simply take this fate as their only option, as there is a way to better themselves.

Entrepreneurs Michael and Tricia Melzard launched in February 2009, a website that specializes in essential oils, massage oils and other stress relievers.

“I truly believe in aromatherapy,” said Tricia Melzard. “It’s nice to provide a product that you believe and use yourself.

“We’re here to help people and have and provide a resource that’s easy to use and navigate through,” she continued.

For a new website, there is a wide selection of products such as aromatherapy essential oils and diffusers. All of the items that are on are natural and not processed or enhanced with chemicals, something that the Melzards look for themselves with what they purchase for their home (“We’re very into organic living,” Melzard said).

Though the website is brand new, the Melzards are already looking into expanding their catalog to include more shampoos and soaps.

One of the other expansion projects is a new blog ( that launched recently. The blog will give people advice on the different oils and ideas that will help relieve stress in their lives. Melzard also plans on including her own recipes for essential oil mixtures.

“I’ve tried to find sites that have recipes and they’re few and far between,” she said. “But people can find them on our blog. These recipes have helped me and it might help others.”

As people continue to be stressed out, there is a way for them to alleviate the pressures of day-to-day life, there is an invaluable resource that they can take advantage of in

About the Company: is a part of Misham Sales, which is owned and operated by Tricia and Michael Melzard.