As celebrations continue for its 50th anniversary year, Hotel Cipriani has announced a new spa treatment that is as unique as Venice itself – the Gondola Massage. Guests can board a traditional gondola from the hotel’s gardens and are taken away to a hidden corner of the Venetian lagoon for a 40 minute body treatment. In perfect synergy, the gentle rocking of the gondola, combined with the talented hands of the Casanova Spa therapist, induce a profound sense of calm, allowing the mind and body to effortlessly drift into a natural state of relaxation.
A mat, which has been specially designed to embrace the shape of the gondola, cradles the body during the full body massage, with special focus placed on the back, shoulders, neck, and face.  To protect sensitive skin from the sun, no essential oils or perfumes are used on the body. Instead, the Casanova Spa therapists have blended a special oil, rich in vitamin E and F, high SPF sun screen, coffee oil and peach milk.
The treatment ends with a foot massage and the opportunity to relax in the hotel’s fragrant and shaded garden with a cooling iced tea.