OmniLight, Inc. – makers of BioScan Light Therapy Systems and Grand Adventures Ranch – Holistic Equine Wellness center have teamed up to provide advanced Photopuncture (Light Therapy) training programs to equine health professionals.

Sonoita, AZ (PRWEB) December 10, 2008 — Helping horses to heal is many people’s dream. In today’s economy, those involved in the horse health industry are looking for innovative ways to increase their revenue or build an altogether new business for themselves. Veterinarians and Equine Therapists are looking for ways to respond to the ever increasing pressure from clients to offer complementary modalities such as light therapy and acupuncture. Now, for a moderate investment in time and money, horse lovers can add this revolutionary approach to equine wellness to their businesses.

Long proven in the horse world for effective results, The BioScan Light Therapy System is a unique diagnostic and therapeutic system proven effective in the assessment and treatment of a wide variety of equine ailments. BioScan products generate and deliver photodynamic light precisely tuned to specific frequencies that studies have shown to accelerate the healing process. The system can also be used as Photopuncture – acupuncture with light – to augment a greater variety of healing processes.

With basic training, the two part BioScan system can be used with excellent results by those unfamiliar acupuncture or equine health modalities. Advanced training is available for those interested in professional use of the system such as veterinarians, equine therapists and chiropractors. When combined with an understanding of acupuncture meridians and their specific effects on the body, light therapy becomes an even more targeted and effective therapy – Photopuncture – acupuncture with light.

Omnilight, Inc. manufactures and sells state-of-the-art diagnostic and light therapy products for the Equine market. The company holds two significant U.S. patents as well as several U.S. and international trademarks. BioScan products have received unsolicited accolades and endorsements from an impressive and growing list of equestrians and equine professionals, including:

  • Hall of Fame thoroughbred trainer Bobby Frankel
  • Dr. Marvin Cain, co-founder of the International Veterinary Society
  • Isabell Werth, double Olympic gold medal winner in the 1996 dressage competition
  • Ellen White, Head Coach, Baylor University NCAA Varsity Equestrian Team
  • Valerie & Danielle Kanavy, 3-Time World Endurance Champions

Grand Adventures Ranch Equine Wellness and Cancer Recovery Center has used BioScan photopuncture in their equine recovery programs for over a decade. After years of offering instructional classes in the use of the BioScan system, Grand Adventures Ranch has teamed up with OmniLight, Inc. to add courses in Light Therapy and Photopuncture. 2009 classes are now available.

quote #1: Dr. Bradley W. Newman, DVM – Within 2 months of purchasing the BioScan system, it paid for itself and I saw a 30% increase in gross revenues the first year. It is a great adjunct to what I do, and even I get calls from new clients who request it for their horse. BioScan has been a tremendous benefit to my practice, enabling me to double my client base in the first year."

quote #2: Dr. Marvin Cain, DVM, Co-Founder of the International Veterinary Society, Master Equine Acupuncturist – "After using BioScan, I believe it has to be the most accurate equipment for non-invasive therapy and diagnosis available, an adjunctive must for any progressive practice."


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