North Muskegon, MI – November 1st, 2010 – Let convenience redefine your massage method and technique with the new Art of Massage Personal Lotion Holster.

Manufactured in the USA from durable high strength plastic, the holster is designed to fit over the waistband of the pants or belt, similar to a paper clip. Unlike any other holster on the market, it has been created to maximize efficiency during your massage sessions.

Now you can forget about leaving your lotion or cream dispenser out of reach or dropping the bottle during a massage. The holster accommodates a 4-ounce jar and will securely hold lotion or cream in any position on your waist.

The holster can be sanitized easily between clients to help prevent cross contamination of germs and the spread of diseases. Before each use, fill the jar with only the amount needed for one massage, then cleanse between sessions and refill as needed.

It is important to sustain touch during a massage by intensifying relaxation for the client. The Art of Massage holster will minimize the need to remove your hands to renew the lotion or cream you are using. With only a quick swipe in the container, you will find ease and convenience right on your hip!

· No belt required
· One size fits all
· Maintains secure position on the waist
· Patent Pending