Forty Fort, Pennsylvania (May 22, 2012) Magsoothium, a line of pain-relief products once only available to professional athletes is making its way into the wellness market.

Magsoothium is an anti-inflammatory mineral tonic infused with magnesium sulfate, arnica and peppermint. Unlike other salts, crystals and sports rubs, this unique formula penetrates the skin, seeking the source of aches, pains and swelling. Instead of just masking the pain, it targets and soothes sore muscles and joints, to help you recover faster.

The UBU/Elements Corporation is currently offering Magsoothium in three formulas, all made with hospital-grade magnesium sulfate. Its original bath crystals can be used in hot or cold water, are nonstaining and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Thirty minutes in the tub and relief is yours. We have also developed a go-anywhere, quick-relief spray and an extra-emollient, skin-healing cream ideal for massage therapy.

The potential benefits of Magsoothium do not stop there. Dr. Arthur J. Sumrall, a dermatologist and co-developer of Magsoothium, has seen the product alleviate many skin conditions, such as rosacea, rashes and eczema. “Magnesium sulfate is such a simple and effective treatment for so many ailments, yet it has been overlooked for so long,” says Sumrall.

Warren Chambers, the other half of the team that developed Magsoothium and head of research and development at UBU/Elements, calls magnesium a, “super mineral,” because of its ability to “help improve overall health–both body and mind–without unwanted side effects.”

Magsoothium has been tested and endorsed by the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and is used by the NFL, NHL and NBA. Now, wellness-care specialists, including massage therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers are beginning to use Magsoothium to relieve pain and promote self-healing, as well as to relax and rejuvenate tired bodies.

About UBU/Elements

Founded in 1991 by Alan Blau, UBU entered the world as a T-shirt company. David Koral joined in 1996, helping to expand the product lines and target markets. Together, they made UBU an international company. In 2011, David and Alan met Warren. They merged their product lines and vision to becomeUBU/Elements.

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