New Massage Research Continuing Education Courses Now Available, MASSAGE MagazineTo renew the new board certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), certificants must complete three hours of continuing education on research. To address this need, Institute of Somatic Therapy has begun offering two new research courses, with more under development. The two courses already available are in the popular modalities of prenatal and infant massage.

In the course titled “Research–Pregnancy and Labor Massage,” due to concerns over the possibility of miscarriage, students will learn the top 50 causes of miscarriage. Not surprisingly, massage and bodywork is not on that list. From there, the students will review scientific research that has been done to show the many benefits of massage during pregnancy. Since reflexology, especially to points near the ankle, is also a concern, there is a section devoted specifically to this topic. Finally, the course looks at the many studies that prove the far-reaching benefits of having massage and support during labor. The course is valid for three continuing education hours, and is available online for immediate access.

A second course, titled “Research–Infant Massage,” is also available. Infant massage has been one of the most frequent targets of research. The course looks at the many proven benefits of infant massage in a variety of circumstances, including healthy infants, premature infants, infants with drug or HIV exposure, reflexology on infants, and the positive mental impact to both infant and caregiver. This course is also valid for three continuing education hours.

Other research courses currently under development for the Institute of Somatic Therapy include research on reflexology, research on aromatherapy and research for specific populations, such as athletes and fibromyalgia patients.

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