New Massage Tool Addresses Acute and Chronic Soft-Tissue Injuries, MASSAGE MagazinePhoenix, AZ. Even a small muscular injury can lead to a chronic pain pattern that persists for months or even years, waiting for the scar tissue to heal completely and become aligned with the surrounding muscle tissue. Zing Partners LLC has announced the arrival of Zippy Soother device for advanced practitioners. The Soother is a hand-cast, hand-finished device designed to combat the long-term effects of soft-tissue injuries and accompanying scars, adhesions or deeply embedded knots. The Zippy Soother is an “instrument-assisted, soft-tissue mobilization” (IASTM) device intended to enable advanced users, such as professional massage therapists, athletes, trainers and highly experienced home practitioners, to effectively address and break down scar tissue and restrictions in fascia and connective tissue for themselves or clients.

The Zippy Soother provides more than 20 unique surfaces and edges aimed at gently breaking up adhesions between fascia and muscle fibers as well as soothing joints and pressure release points in soft tissue with a single hand-held tool. When soft-tissue injury occurs, the muscle, fascia, or connective tissue becomes irritated and the body causes inflammation in an effort to restrict movement and protect the injured tissue. With continued training or strenuous activity the body continues to counter the irritation by laying down scar tissue. While healthy muscle tissue lines up in parallel lines, scar tissue is tangled and disorganized, contracting down upon itself to shorten the muscle bundle or fascia for further protection. Like a weak link in a chain, the random alignment of these new fibers becomes a weak link in your muscle, leaving it highly susceptible to re-injury. (Reference:

The Zippy Soother tool offers multiple treatment modalities in a versatile multifunction tool to promote circulation and healing, and align and integrate scar tissue with muscle fibers to regain maximum strength and flexibility. IASTM tools are popular with therapists and advanced home practitioners for breaking the muscular pain cycle at its root, accelerating the healing process to restore muscular balance in a lasting way. Each Soother is hand cast in extremely tough, high-temperature resistant, rigid urethane, and hand finished for effective use. To obtain your Zippy Soother, visit