Santa Fe, NM, July 1, 2009 – Healers have, since ancient times, played a vital, mystical role in human societies. Today, while westernized physicians get much of the attention, many time-honored healing methods have sadly fallen by the wayside in many parts of the world—but not in New Mexico.

“The Land of Enchantment,” as it is known, has never stopped being a premiere global destination for natural healing. Something about this magical state has kept drawing an abundance of talented healers who are experts at preserving age-old methods of creating mental and physical peace.

Maybe it’s the ethereal desert scenery, the dry air or the soothing waters. Or perhaps it’s the preponderance of local cultures who value their ancestors’ native traditions as much as they do the earth itself. Whatever the reasons, they come together to create one clear certainty: New Mexico’s large, diverse community of healing practitioners makes the state the world’s top alternative-healing destination.

Elizabeth Bryant, Ph.D, a doctor of natural science who moved to New Mexico from Aspen, Colorado four years ago, says her new locale is “so magical, I never look back.”

“New Mexico is a spiritually powerful, spiritually leveling place,” says Bryant, who opened The Wellness Center in Truth or Consequences, where she incorporates psychotherapy, Chinese massage and other modalities to deal with hormonal, physical and emotional issues. “You have to leave pretension, ego, ambition and baggage behind. It causes you to be still, to listen to yourself, and to look into the mirror of your own soul.”

She acknowledges that is not always an easy thing.

“But then, New Mexico is not really a place you come to rest,” adds Bryant, “It’s a destination where you learn to experience yourself. That’s why it is such a healing space.”

It is no surprise, then, to learn that northern New Mexico is dotted with healing-arts schools, the graduates of which scatter throughout the state to help locals and visitors cleanse and renew themselves. They do so through the mastery of such holistic therapies as massage, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic practices and integrative medicine.

Their skills also encompass more esoteric, lesser-known ways of inducing healing, including crystal healing, sound healing, folk healing, breathwork, energy therapy, hypnotherapy, craniofacial therapy, magnetic therapy, polarity therapy, Qigong, Watsu, Reiki and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

“The healing options available here are limitless,” says Jennifer Hobson, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Tourism Department. “There is truly something for every taste, need and budget. Whether you’re just soaking in the timeless geothermal mineral springs in places like Ojo Caliente and Truth or Consequences, or being totally pampered by state-of-the-art treatments and techniques at one of the many resorts and day spas, it’s a guarantee you will return home relaxed and renewed.”

Hobson adds that New Mexico’s multicultural history has yielded many indigenous-inspired healing methods and products that are unique to the area. “You can be massaged in a Native American teepee, scrubbed with blue corn meal, Anasazi beans and pumpkin seeds, and be lulled into tranquility by ancient drumming techniques,” she says. “The healing practices in New Mexico are imbued with a special sense of place.”

Many travel to New Mexico to be touched by the prolific healers and the stunning landscapes. Visit New Mexico, and you’ll be on your way to achieving self-awareness and peace on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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