Based on the extensive healing properties of sea buckthorn, Swell Skin is a minimalist skin-care line focused on two products that meet 90 percent of skin’s needs. Called “the most healing berry of all time,” sea buckthorn is the cornerstone ingredient in skin-care expert Kelli Klus’ new skin-care line, which consists of the Swell Face Treatment and the Swell Oil of Sea Buckthorn. These two products, a chunky bar of soap and face oil, are everything needed to transform skin of all ages.

Swell Skin’s Swell Face Treatment, made with natural ingredients like sea buckthorn, aloe vera, vitamin E and coconut oil, is specifically designed to cleanse skin while reducing acne, rosacea and dermatitis and promoting full, youthful, even-toned skin. The Swell Oil of Sea Buckthorn, made from 100-percent pure oil from the seed of the sea buckthorn berry, offers protection against bacteria and nourishes skin with 190 bioactive ingredients, 42 lipids and 22 fatty acids, including the elusive omega 7.

“After trying multiple products and seeing dermatologists for skin problems, I decided to research more natural alternatives,” says Kelli Klus, founder of Swell Skin. “I discovered the Oil of Sea Buckthorn through my research and was amazed at the history of the berry. I knew that if this berry had all these amazing, miraculous qualities, it would heal the majority of skin conditions, including slowing the aging process and clearing up acne.”

Swell Skin was founded in spring 2010 and seeks to simplify the beauty routines of the millions of women who were taught that they need a multitude of products to achieve healthy skin. Swell Skin’s two core products work together to effectively cleanse, nourish and protect skin.

Swell Face Treatment costs $32 for a 3.5-ounce bar, Swell Oil of Sea Buckthorn costs $22 for a 0.05-ounce bottle and the Swell Union (set of Face Treatment and Oil of Sea Buckthorn) costs $49. For more information, visit