MATAGO, headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla., is poised to revolutionize the mobile massage industry

Having recently celebrated its coming out party at the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) 2019 National Massage Convention and Trade Show on June 26th, MATAGO, the latest mobile massage app to enter the industry, certainly attracted the attention of therapists in attendance due to their unique operating model that’s predicted to change the industry as we know it.

The buzz was loud and spread quickly as LMTs at the show learned that MATAGO’s virtual marketplace model directly connects them to clients seeking on-demand services and allows them to keep 100% of the take-home rate they desire for every service they provide. LMTs also have the ability to earn multiple streams of income on the app, and the most exciting part of it all is that it’s absolutely free to use. MATAGO has truly hit the scene in support of LMTs with an unprecedented opportunity in the mobile massage app arena.

LMTs who register on the MATAGO app do so as independent business owners, not MATAGO employees, which is why they are able to set their own prices for every treatment they provide. In addition, LMTs set their own hours, can accept or reject appointment requests from any client, and there are no uniform requirements so everyone is free to develop and express their own unique style and personal brand.  What’s more, MATAGO scholarships are awarded every January to both up-and-coming practitioners still in training and experienced LMTs seeking financial support for CE credits. 

“MATAGO’s operating philosophy is that the LMTs are our clients first,” says MATAGO’s chief marketing officer, Lori Thomas.  “The platform was built with their needs and wants in mind to help them live a life of freedom and choice, and so they can focus just on the part of the business they love most, treating their clients.” 

MATAGO is hosting a kick-off webinar next month with all LMTs who register on the platform, where they will train on all facets of using the app and unveil exactly how all of the income opportunities work, including the residual income component to earn even more money without ever having to provide a treatment. MATAGO is convinced that LMTs can make the most money through MATAGO versus all other mobile massage apps on the market today.  

Continuing their theme of earning more money and financially supporting LMT education, MATAGO is focused on helping massage therapists save money too.  Having recently partnered with MASSAGE Magazine’s Insurance Plus+ program with an exclusive agreement, LMTs on the MATAGO platform can purchase MMIP liability insurance at the absolute lowest rate offered anywhere. 

“MASSAGE Magazine is thrilled to partner with MATAGO in our ongoing effort to bring the newest, most innovative products to our customers,” said Joe Fagan, the publication’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “The partnership, which involves MASSAGE Magazine, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, and MATAGO, brings together three of the industry’s top brands to offer a seamless platform for LMTs to grow their customer base and their practice.”

Currently, the MATAGO for Therapists app is available now for download on the Apple Store for LMTs to register their services immediately.  Android users can pre-register with MATAGO right on the MATAGO website or by emailing their credentials now to to be the first to know when the Android version is released. MATAGO’s launch market is the Palm Beach region of Florida, followed by Broward, Miami, Orlando and Ft. Myers, before the state-by-state roll-out commences later this year.

About Matago

MATAGO’s mission is to empower massage therapists nationwide to live a life of freedom and choice as entrepreneurs in the MATAGO virtual marketplace while financially supporting the educational pursuits of developing practitioners. Delivering a comprehensive operating model that provides LMTs with the ability to earn the highest payouts in the industry through multiple streams of income, MATAGO’s unprecedented offering is poised to revolutionize the mobile massage industry.