— Hotels and Spas are the new artists in music —

Water Music Records, one of the world’s most innovative music companies, will begin offering complete hotel and spa music albums with music from its catalog of over 40,000 tracks. The albums will be promoted and sold following distribution of hotel card key-sized color download cards with unique pin codes. The albums will be held on a microsite hosted by Water Music featuring a free downloadable track, the virtual CD sized cover and any tag lines or text its third party hotel and spa clients prefer. Water Music takes care of all the music, clearances, album uploading and hosting as well as graphic design, card printing and shipping.

The client only has to pick the music from over 30 genres, issue a key photo, phrase and logo; and approve the microsite’s look. There will even be a customized receipt page where hotels and spas can offer an amenity or discount in return to guests who purchase the full branded album after hearing 30-second clips. A strong point is that hotels and spas will receive 20-percent royalties every time their album sells online, through a quarterly check system issued by Water Music. Guests may take their free download and not purchase the full album; but the property’s branding is accomplished either way.

“We started this new music program mostly for overseas clients who often find large CD shipments bulky and expensive to import, but now many of our clients in the States are interested in it. It is a lower per unit cost than a CD in the larger quantities with slightly less risk involved,” according to Brad Pressman, the owner and operator of the Los Angeles – based music company.

The printed cards are often less than 1 USD in quantites and the shipping is about one-tenth what CDs cost. The “check in and check it out” concept is meant for hotels to offer the free download track via a recyclable 4 color logo’d card, much like the Starbucks chain issued at most of its retail counters recently. The advantage hotels have though, is that they make royalties when the full albums are sold which makes them the “new artists.”

Some of Water Music’s clients in the hospitality area include Leading Hotels & Spas Of The World, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, The Bellagio Spa Las Vegas, Langham Hotels, Peninsula Hotels & Spas, Curious Hotels, Oberoi Hotels & Cruises, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Marriott, Timbers Resorts, Cristal Palace, Martin Hospitality, The Claremont Resort & Spa and others.

CONTACT: Brad Pressman, Water Music Records, (818) 212-9395 or brad@watermusicrecords.com