Massage clients, like the general public, are increasingly interested in green, or environmentally sustainable, lifestyles.

A new Web-based tool lets people measure their impact on the environment, by calculating an individual’s nitrogen footprint.

The calculator is a project of the International Nitrogen Initiative, a global network of scientists who share research and data on what they call the nitrogen dilemma.

“Nitrogen, as any farmer knows, is essential to plant life,” explained University of Virginia environmental scientist James N. Galloway, who helped create the tool “But the widespread use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer to boost crop production has resulted in excess nitrogen coming off farms—essentially adding unwanted, unneeded fertilizer to our natural systems, with disastrous results. The combustion of fossil fuels adds even more nitrogen to our environment. It’s a largely untold story.”

To raise awareness, Galloway, a pioneering nitrogen scientist, organized a global team of experts to develop the footprint calculator. By measuring what and how much you eat, as well as other factors like how you travel, the calculator shows your impact on the nitrogen cycle.

“Solving the nitrogen dilemma is a major challenge of our time,” Leach said. “By calculating our individual impact, and taking small steps to reduce it, we can all play a part – and send a strong message to our nation’s leaders that we want this issue taken seriously.”

Use the tool here:

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