OPTP Consumer Catalog CoverOPTP’s broad selection of health and fitness products is readily available to patients through the new OPTP Active Health Care Consumer Catalog Vol. 12. While it’s not feasible for clinics to stock everything patients may need, OPTP’s Consumer Catalog provides patients with back supports, balance boards, support belts, stretching tools, foam rollers, resistance bands, self-massage tools and much more. Simply keep a stack at the clinic for quick and easy product referrals.

Volume 12 introduces exciting new products, including OPTP’s Thoracic Lumbar Back Support™ which supports the low- and mid-back for healthy sitting posture. The STAR ROLLER™ and Anatomical Roller™ offer unique variations on the foam roller while the PRO-ROLLER Arch™ delivers improved positioning on or off a roller. Also check out the Activ8r®, a compact and portable tool for myofascial release, along with Adriaan Louw’s new patient book that delivers therapeutic neuroscience education for headache sufferers.

About OPTP

For 35 years, OPTP has provided chiropractors with high-quality tools and resources at affordable prices. This dedication to helping patients meet their goals doesn’t stop at the clinic door. With product recommendations and a copy of the Active Health Care Consumer Catalog, patients can further their progress between visits.

Call OPTP at (800) 367-7393 or visit OPTP.com to request a complimentary pack of Consumer Catalogs; digital version now online.