New Patient Book Educates Patients About Pain, MASSAGE MagazineThe patient book Why Do I Hurt? incorporates the latest neuroscience understanding of pain, especially persistent pain.

Recent research shows patients who know more about pain and how it works move and function better, experience less pain and have an increased ability and interest in healthy exercise and movement. Those factors are essential in recovery. This book, designed for patients and health care providers, was written to educate patients on how the nervous system and brain process information and contribute to pain.

Additionally, research has shown that anyone is able to understand the neuroscience of pain, if put in accessible language. Sections include discussion of tissue healing and nerve sensitization, spreading pain, the brain’s processing of a pain experience, various bodily systems defending during a pain experience and various treatment options to help with pain. The book contains various metaphors, examples and dozens of full-color images to enhance the learning experience. Furthermore, the book is designed to include the must-know neuroscience information in a condensed, affordable format.

Written by physical therapist and clinical neuroscience researcher Adriaan Louw, Why Do I Hurt? is available exclusively from OPTP. Illustrated; softcover, 52 pages.

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