URBANA, IOWA (Nov. 10, 2010) – Just in time for the holidays, Aura Cacia, the leading essential oil company in the U.S., is launching their new Pillow Potion Mist. Perfect for a stocking stuffer gift, the two-ounce mist contains a special blend of 100-percent pure essential oils and distilled water. Simply mist your pillow before lying down and the scent is designed help you relax.

“In this hectic world of information overload and busy schedules, especially during the holiday season, it’s no wonder people have trouble sleeping,” says Aura Cacia senior brand manager Jane Merten. In fact, a recent survey by Insomnia911.com shows that 56 percent of Americans had one or more symptoms of insomnia a few nights a week or more. Further, 60 percent of children, especially teenagers, report being tired during the day. “While sleep medications can help some, there is a natural, pleasant way to encourage relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere, and with the introduction of our new Pillow Potion Mist, you can do just that.”

In addition to lavender essential oil, well-known through centuries for its relaxing properties, Pillow Potion Mist contains essential oils of rare hops flower, sweet orange, patchouli, yarrow and German chamomile. This unique blend of essential oils provides an atmosphere that brings peace of mind, relaxes the body and calms the spirit. “Additionally, we’re delighted to offer another way to find piece of mind. Our Pillow Potion Mist is reusable as we currently offer Pillow Potion Essential Solution™ in a concentrated 0.5 oz bottle which gives you the option to re-fill and reuse the mister bottle,” explains Merten.

Pillow Potion Mist comes in a convenient two-ounce mister that is sized to meet TSA airport security carry-on requirements – especially useful because people who travel often have the most trouble with getting rest. “As everyone knows, the holidays are traditionally the busiest time for travelling, as families gather to celebrate the season,” adds Merten. The Pillow Potion Mist retails for $7.99 and is available at natural products stores nationwide or online at www.auracacia.com.