New Pocket Anatomy App Launches to Help Massage Therapists and Students, MASSAGE MagazineThe latest update to the award-winning Pocket Anatomy app will be released May 30, 2013. The launch of this latest update is intended to result in one of the most significant medical anatomy apps available on the Apple platform.

The fourth-generation update will include full female and male anatomy. This complements the recent additions of circulatory and lymphatic systems, as well as the inclusion of both cranial and plantar views. When taken in conjunction with the extensive anatomical content, in excess of 100,000 words, this makes Pocket Anatomy the one-stop-shop for anatomy on the App Store.

Harnessing the already highly user-friendly 3D interface and features of previous versions, the newest refresh of Pocket Anatomy is a vital addition to one’s library of medical apps. Medical students appreciate the comprehensive learning content, interactive quizzes and ability to add their own notes and content. For massage and medical practitioners, the app acts as a unique and approachable patient information tool. By helping patients gain a more visual understanding of their anatomy, the whole doctor-patient or therapist-client relationship improves.

Pocket Anatomy is available to purchase and download via the App Store: