The new BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Polus™ Whitening Accelerator is our most advanced cosmetic power whitening accelerator lamp designed to date.  The BEYOND™ Polus™ System contains BEYOND™’s proprietary LightBridge™ technology.  This unique technology carries and delivers the powerful halogen light from the 150 watt source in the rear of the light head, adds wave-length specific high-intensity LED light at the face of the head, and purifies and cools the light through more than 150,000 optical microfibers and filtering lenses. LightBridge™ technology brings the most uniform light output possible with zero UV exposure and no harmful heat.  The end result is a combination of two powerful light sources with wavelengths that span the entire blue light whitening spectrum, providing clients with the very the brightest, glossiest whitening results possible.

The BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Polus™ whitening process is a simple, 20-minute treatment cycle combining the WhiteSpa® Polus™ Accelerator and our uniquely formulated H2O2 gel, ensuring that whitening results are maximized, and effect is long-lasting.  In developing the BEYOND™ Polus™ WhiteSpa® treatment, promoting client safety and comfort was a priority, as well as convenience and ease-of-use for the aesthetician. The result is the ultimate teeth whitening system for the aesthetic professional industry.

The BEYOND™ WhiteSpa® Polus™ System is designed and manufactured exclusively by Beyond Dental & Health Inc, Houston Texas – a global leader in the manufacture and sale of aesthetic dental equipment.  BEYOND™ brand products have been proven safe and effective in numerous clinical trials and product reviews around the world. For more information and answers to common questions on cosmetic tooth whitening in spas, visit

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