PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 30, 2008 – Health care professionals have identified massage, acupressure, finger pressure therapy, shiatsu, and trigger point therapy as beneficial to rehabilitation when treating myofacial pain syndrome, specific injuries, soreness, aches, pain, discomfort, and other irregularities associated with muscles and soft tissue.

Most people experience the rehabilitating, pain reducing, and relaxing effect of such treatments which can provide stimulation, improved circulation, improved flexibility, pain relief, and muscle rehabilitation when employed.

The revolutionary ShiatsuBag (pat. pend.) is a simple and inexpensive, yet amazingly effective massage device that is available in select health and fitness stores and online at

The 2.5lb lightweight portable Shiatsubag provides relaxing and pain reducing acupressure and Shiatsu massage to any part of your body including both areas of soft tissue and hard tissue such as the scalp and joints. With a 22″ diameter is will support and massage your entire back with minimal effort. For more information, visit