Wilkesboro, NC – Jan 28, 2010 – Organic Balance™ is introducing its new line of nutraceutical products featuring its new patent-pending delivery process called SSP™ (Serum Specific Process™). This revolutionary technology allows the majority of the nutrients from the vitamins or supplements to enter through the digestive tract virtually intact and then be drawn directly into the bloodstream, where the body needs them the most. A recent research study conducted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is reporting absorption rates up to 95 percent.

“Most products on the market can only claim up to a 10 to 12 percent absorption rate,” said Organic Balance’s President and COO Dean Crowell. “No other delivery system in the market can deliver these kinds of results!”

Organic Balance currently has three new products in the marketplace, CoQ-10, Vitamin C and Resveratrol. The company plans to introduce three new products in early February, Adam (men’s formula), Eve (women’s formula) and Anti-Oxidant Complete. More information about the products is available on the company Web site, www.organicbalance.com.

Organic Balance will be launching a new radio campaign starting Feb. 1. The spots will first be featured in Sacramento, California; Austin, Texas; and Dallas, Texas. Sacramento and Austin are listed in the top 10 healthiest cities in the U.S., according to a recent study released by Bert Sperling’s BestPlaces.

About Organic Balance

Organic Balance Nutraceutical Products feature the first, high-tech, patent-pending drug delivery system that allows the vitamin and supplements to be protected through the digestive system without breaking down so that it enters the bloodstream directly.