The Med-Stone is known as the miracle massage tool

New Rechargeable Massage Stones Revolutionize Hot-Stone Treatment, MASSAGE MagazineThe Med-Stone has launched a line of innovative new massage tools to help enhance the massage experience and allow massage therapists to bring a warm-stone infusion anywhere.

This new line of stones includes two models of hot stones, the smooth worker stone and the textured deep-tissue stone, as well as a cold stone with the same smooth surface as the worker stone. This is the first massage stone on the market a therapist can use to offer an upgrade anywhere they travel, with no mess, no bulky stone warmer, and the stones can be used over clothing or with any lubricant.

The Med-Stone’s heat and unique shape allows the therapist or chiropractor to penetrate muscles and increases healing blood flow to the site of injury. This heat helps damaged tissue repair itself faster. Heat also helps loosen up tight muscle fibers, so it is especially beneficial in a rehabilitation programs when applied prior to stretching and exercising. Heat can also relieve muscle spasms and pain.

The Med-Stone Chiller has the same benefits of cold-stone massage since it can provide a deep state of relaxation, a release of tension, as well as a reduction of swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue, trauma or injuries to muscles.

In most cases, some of the company’s physical therapists and chiropractors have been able to bill for the time used when using The Med-Stone on their patients.

  • The Med-stone heats in one minute and stays hot for up to two hours per charge.
  • The stones only heat on the bottom; the top stays cool, so it is comfortable for the therapist.
  • The ergonomic shape helps reduce therapist fatigue and sore hands. Let the Med-Stone do the work for you.
  • The Med-Stone DT (deep tissue) has a textured bottom to allow for deeper heat penetration into the muscles.
  • Provide an uninterrupted, flowing stone-massage experience and increase client satisfaction

For further product information, visit The Med-Stone website at or call (623) 565-3906 for wholesale pricing.

Med-Stone Enterprises LLC’s owner and product designer, Jeff Ebel, has years of experience working with massage therapists to develop The Med-Stone as well as other innovative massage products. The inspiration behind the company’s products is to design new products to reduce therapist fatigue while enhancing the massage experience.