Massage therapists see clients with a range of health conditions. A new report ranks each U.S. state’s counties by level of health. The report is a collaboration between researchers from University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Among the findings:

• Urban and suburban counties are healthier than are rural counties.

• People living in the least-healthy counties are much more likely to smoke—more than 26 of the popular does so, compared to only 16 percent in the healthiest counties.

• The least-healthy counties have higher rates of poverty, with 30 percent of children living in poverty—over three times higher than the rate in the healthiest counties.

• The 50 least-healthy counties have fewer places where people can find healthy food.

• People living in the least healthy counties are 60% more likely to be admitted to the hospital for preventable conditions—a sign of poor outpatient and primary care.

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