Massage therapy has been shown by numerous research studies to benefit back-pain sufferers. New research shows that massage therapy, chiropractic and other types of complementary medicine (CAM) are perceived by recipients as having great benefit for back pain.

Sixty percent of those surveyed who had received at least one CAM therapy in the preceding 12 months found remarkable relief using the top six CAM modalities. Those modalities are: chiropractic; massage; yoga, tai chi and chi gong; acupuncture; herbal therapies; and relaxation techniques.

Chiropractic care was the most popular choice among the study participants, with massage therapy coming in as second-most popular.

Just 24 percent of respondents who received CAM stated that their conventional medical practitioner suggested the use of CAM for back pain. Others turned to CAM treatments because they felt conventional medicine would not help when dealing with severe back pain.

“Perceived Benefit of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for Back Pain” was reported in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (May – June 2010, Vol. 23 No.3).


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