Six interactive environments built around a virtual city provide a true multimedia experience and tell the brand story.

Fort Wayne, IN (Vocus) September 5, 2008 — Full-service [branding and communications company] Brand Innovation Group (Big) has just rolled out its next-generation Web site. Check it out at

"Our new Web site stands apart from anything in this region," said Chad Stuckey, president and creative director. "It’s a true multimedia experience for visitors, providing extraordinary creativity and interactivity–and just plain fun."

Landing at the home page, visitors prepare to explore a cityscape containing six unique interactive environments. Each tells the Big brand story in a highly creative way. These include:

  • Mount Rushmore–Learn of Big’s mission and eavesdrop on the four presidents’ bantering.
  • WBIG Radio–Click on a circling blimp to read company news.
  • Drive-in theatre–View three different movies on Big’s work, clients, and awards.
  • Big Raceway–Meet the Big team at the track and customize your car for racing.
  • Big Diner – Get Big’s contact information served up by a line cook.
  • Cattle Pasture – Suck up grazing cows with UFOs and head to Big’s business and creative blogs.

Plans are already in progress to grow each of these environmental zones and make them even more interactive, said Stuckey. For example, in the future at Mount Rushmore, visitors will be able to submit a joke of the day for the presidents as well as e-mail postcards from there.

"This launch is just the tip of the iceberg in our online strategy for interacting with clients and prospects in a deeper, more creative way," said Stuckey. "We want to keep people returning to the site and wondering what Big will do next."

About [Brand Innovation Group]
The Brand Innovation Group (Big) is a full-service, award-winning branding and communications company. Located in Fort Wayne, Ind., Big is known for its strategically sound, highly creative brand and business development work. To learn more, visit


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