According to the results of a new national survey by educational Web site,, Americans are losing precious hours of sleep, which may be contributing to daytime tiredness, impaired reflex times, moodiness, a lack of concentration and poor decision-making abilities. The survey indicated that the top three concerns keeping American adults up at night are finances, family and health.

The current housing and credit crisis, lack of health insurance and the declining health and welfare of family members are on the minds of American men and women at night when they are in bed, explained Dr. Michael J. Breus, author of Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep, and a recognized sleep expert. This survey provides more insight into the disparity between sleep awareness and adults today, and puts a spotlight on the opportunity to improve both their sleep and their daily lives.

Poll Highlights: About 75 Percent of Americans Do Not Believe They Are Getting Enough Sleep enlisted the help of The Segmentation Company, a division of Yankelovich, Inc. and a leader in consumer research since 1958, to conduct its 2008 National Sleep Survey. Fifty-one questions were developed in a poll that found:

  • 47 percent cite financial concerns, including fear of credit debt, not having enough money to pay bills, the price of gas and inability to make mortgage payments, as anxieties that keep them awake at night.
  • 45 percent have lost sleep due to worry about family, health of self and family, and lack of health insurance.
  • About 75 percent of Americans do not believe they are getting enough sleep.
  • 54 percent of those surveyed attribute stress and worries as obstacles to sleeping better.
  • More than four in 10 working Americans performed poorly at work due to lack of sleep.
  • Almost two-thirds of adults polled had trouble falling asleep in the past month.
  • Only 32 percent of Americans would give their sleep quality a rating of good or excellent.
  • Approximately 50 percent of Americans have not yet found the perfect pillow or mattress.

The results of the sleep survey illustrate a cycle of events where Americans get inadequate sleep, that lack of sleep contributes to poor work performance, subsequently leading to financial concerns¦and ultimately, back to low quality or deficient sleep, commented Dr. Breus, in response to the survey™s results.

Americans Receive a Failing Grade When Polled About Sleep

About one-half (51 percent) of adults polled said they were not familiar with how to improve their sleep, and survey participants were only able to distinguish facts about sleep from common sleep myths about half of the time.

A large majority of participants knew that exercising for at least 30 minutes during the day can improve sleep. However, most were unaware that counting is a way to fall asleep faster and that insomnia can run in families. Two-thirds (68 percent) said they would like to know more about how to improve their sleep and more than 40 percent said they would visit a Web site like to learn more about the positive impact quality sleep can have on the overall quality of their lives.

The results of the sleep survey drive home the fact that Americans are not getting enough quality sleep, and that they are searching for advice on how to sleep better, said Dr. Breus. Sleep, like diet and exercise, is essential to maintaining healthy bodies and minds, and to ensure proper function. Without it our performance, concentration and reaction times suffer, which can result in memory lapse, mood and behavioral problems, serious physical ailment and even dangerous accidents and injuries.

Meeting the Need for Additional Sleep Education

The online resource is geared toward the sleep-challenged and offers practical tips and advice that address the needs identified in this 2008 National Sleep Survey. Visitors can explore helpful features: an easy-to-navigate archive of sleep-related articles, extensive catalog of more than 150 sleep tips, and an interactive sleep poll that displays up-to-the-moment poll results and the site™s exclusive Zzzz Score„ test which helps accurately identify personal sleep needs. A frequently asked questions page, sleep glossary, sleep blogs and customized sleep advice round out the site™s comprehensive online tool box.

For sleep education and usable, practical advice, is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly Web sites available to consumers today, stated Dr. Breus.

Details About the 2008 National Sleep Survey by

The online survey of 2,000 was comprised of 50 percent adult men and 50 percent adult women, and was conducted on behalf of by an independent consumer research firm between Aug. 6 and Aug. 11, 2008. Complete survey results available upon request.

About Dr. Michael J. Breus:

Dr. Michael J. Breus, The Sleep Doctor, is a Clinical Psychologist, is board certified in Clinical Sleep Disorders, an AOL Wellness Coach, Host of the PBS Special Good Night, and the clinical director of the Sleep Division of Southwest Sport and Spine in Scottsdale, Ariz. Dr. Breus is the author of Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep (Plume 2007).

About Yankelovich:

Yankelovich is a leading consumer market research and analytics company that has helped marketers understand consumer values and behavior since 1958. The company has studied consumer attitudes, values and lifestyles for 50 years, creating cutting-edge expertise and the largest database of United States consumer attitudes and trends. The Yankelovich brand name is widely recognized by Fortune 1000 marketers as a leading source of consumer insights, particularly consumer trend data in the United States. Yankelovich consumer segmentation research and consulting services provide deep consumer behavioral expertise to marketers as well as actionable data to employ in targeted marketing strategies. More information is available at:

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Editor™s Note: Complete survey results available upon request

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