New Thumbby™ soft massage tool not only feels like a thumb, it multiplies the force applied to it. It requires little hand strength and reduces wear on people’s thumbs. The Thumbby™ massager also sticks to smooth surfaces, enabling self-massage of the back of the body.
Portland, OR (PRWEB) October 1, 2008 — Three years ago engineer Katherine Wolfe noticed that massage tools can hurt both the giver and receiver of massage. She wanted a comfortable massage tool that maximized hand strength, and her quest led to designing the patent-pending Thumbby™ massage tool ( The Thumbby™ massager is a soft massage tool that feels like a thumb and multiplies the force applied to it.
After an injury left her hands too weak to do massage, Wolfe tried a variety of massage tools. All were made of hard material, and she found that most of them hurt her hands and often hurt the person she was massaging.
Wolfe and co-inventor Susan Baer, a massage therapist for over 30 years, set out to make a massage tool that was soft and comfortable to use. Instead of hard plastic or wood, the Thumbby™ massager is made from a type of silicone that is about as hard as a human thumb. “The Thumbby™ massager is firm enough to use on trigger points but when it meets resistance, it yields enough to not hurt the area being massaged,” says Baer. “It really does feel like a thumb to the person on the receiving end.”
Wolfe also designed the Thumbby™ massager to magnify force. The massage tool is shaped like a rounded cone-shaped wedge, with the base about the size of the palm and the point the width of the thumb. Says Wolfe, “The shape of the Thumbby™ massager delivers approximately eight times the pressure to the point as is applied to the base. This allows people to massage longer and deeper with much less effort.” The slope, shoulder, and base of the massager are used for more diffused pressure.
The Thumbby™ massage tool sticks to smooth surfaces for self-massage of the back. Baer sees the Thumbby™ massager as a prime tool for self care. “Most people give or receive massage because somebody is tense or sore, but how many think to take care of their own body aches before the aches become a problem? The Thumbby™ massager makes self-care massage easy to do – it’s portable, waterproof, can be used in the bath or shower, and sticks to walls.” Instructions for using the Thumbby massager are included inside the packaging and at
The Thumbby™ massager is currently being used by chiropractors, PTs, and massage therapists. Says Baer, “Using a Thumbby™ massager to relax the tightest, toughest muscles helps bodywork professionals save their hands and reduce repetitive stress injuries.”
The Thumbby™ massager is manufactured in Portland, Oregon. It is available in the Portland metro area at massage schools, physical therapy practices, and pharmacies that carry home health care products. It can be ordered online at and is also carried on
For more information about the Thumbby™ massager, visit or contact Susan Baer. To request a Thumbby™ massager for review, contact Susan Baer at 503-381-3630.