New York-based musician and massage therapist, Karina Yanku, has taken her passions for music and massage, creating OanaMassage®, the first-of-its-kind rhythmic, choreographed full-body massage with it’s own accompanying musical score.

Oct. 16, 2012–New York, NY. Described by many as passively participating in a slow, graceful dance, OanaMassage® is much more than a traditional relaxation massage. Developed over the course of four years, it is the first-of-its kind rhythmic, choreographed fully-body massage with it’s own musical score entitled OanaRhythms©™, Music for OanaMassage®.

The kinesthetic music within OanaRhythms is a result of a yearlong collaboration between vocalist/percussionist and massage therapist Karina Yanku and acclaimed New York-based Brazilian composer and producer João MacDowell. Designed to mimic every single massage stroke in the OanaMassage routine, the chords progress along the seven main chakras, and the tempo is set at a constant 60 beats per minute. Research proves that listening to music at 60 beats per minute assists with right-left brain synchronization, as it helps bring the brainwaves into an alpha wave state.

So, what happens during an OanaMassage? Essentially, the person’s right (creative) brain is enjoying the massage and the music, while their left (logical) brain is recognizing the corresponding patterns of the music and the massage in sync with each other. If a person receives OanaMassage®frequently enough, he may start to become more familiar with the music and the massage routine, ultimately enabling him to anticipate the music and the sequence of massage strokes, thereby enhancing healing on a much deeper level. For more information, visit

“The trick to massaging different types of people at one set tempo is that I must take into account the size of people’s bodies, the thickness of their musculature and the texture of their skin,” explains Yanku. “For example, when doing a long stroke down a smaller person’s back, my hands have to travel slower to complete the stroke as compared to when I perform the same long stroke on a larger person’s back. That’s how I stay in tempo with the music. There’s such a variety in how a person’s tissue feels and how it responds to pressure, so I have to adjust the speed and depth of every stroke depending on the person, in order to make the OanaMassage feel great for every body type. Feeling with my hands, following my intuition and listening to each individual client helps me find the perfect medium.”

A former brain injury patient who received patterning therapy at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Yanku has faith that research will support the efficacy of OanaMassage in comparison to traditional massage in helping people with challenges in coordination, memory and balance. To date, studies have shown that the brain enters an alpha state preceding peak performance, both physically and mentally. That being said, athletes, dancers, musicians, students, and people suffering from difficulties in coordination/balance (brain injury, stroke) may benefit greatly from OanaMassage.

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