Living Fuel Inc., The Leader In Superfood Nutrition, Tops The List
Tampa, Florida – August 26, 2009 – Antioxidants.  Who needs them and why?  We all need them, and in fact more of them.  Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in foods that prevent or slow oxidative damage.  When body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals which can cause damage.  Antioxidants act as “free radical scavengers” and prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals.  Antioxidants have been shown to help people live longer, healthier lives and Living Fuel superfoods are proven to provide superior antioxidant protection.
Until recently the standard way to measure a food’s antioxidant protection was with ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores.  ORAC scores are recognized by the USDA as a testing method to assess the antioxidant strength of nutritive compounds.  The higher a food’s ORAC score, the better it is at helping bodies protect cells from oxidative damage and fight diseases like cancer, memory loss, and heart disease.

Living Fuel became the first company in its category to test its flagship products with Total ORACFN, the next-generation antioxidant testing standard from Brunswick Labs.  Total ORACFN is a new, patent-pending test that measures the antioxidant power of a product against five reactive oxygen species (commonly referred to as ‘radicals’) that cause damage in humans.  These are the most important radicals causing oxidative damage in the human body – hydroxyl, peroxyl, peroxynitrite, singlet oxygen, and superoxide anion.  Total ORACFN values are reported in the same standard units as the original ORAC.

Broad-spectrum antioxidant protection is critical because each of the five radicals behaves differently, like viruses, bacteria, or other biological pests.  Simply protecting against one radical is not enough.

“This new level of broad-spectrum antioxidant testing confirms what we have known for years about our leading-edge, high impact superfoods,” explains Living Fuel Founder & CEO KC Craichy.  “Living Fuel products provide broad-spectrum antioxidant protection which is dramatically more antioxidant protection than any of the wine-bottle antioxidant products, grape juice, vegetable juice, green tea, and grape seed extract can provide.  Antioxidant protection is only one of the many important benefits LivingFuel superfoods provide.”

Living Fuel products contain the most potent, bioavailable, and highest quality nutritional ingredients including freeze-dried organic fruits and vegetables that are rich, natural sources of antioxidants.  The harmonious blend of these active ingredients provides diverse and balanced antioxidant protection – more so than other popular antioxidants.

“Scientific research has shown that the synergy created by the ingredients in Living Fuel products – food extracts, enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – is much more effective than individual antioxidants,” explains Dr. Leonard Smith, M.D., renowned nutrition and natural medicine expert, general gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon and member of the volunteer faculty at the University of Miami Department of Surgery.  “In fact, this synergy is more effective than individual foods known to be high in antioxidants.”

A serving of the whole meal superfood SuperBerry Ultimate has an unprecedentedly high Total ORACFN score of 119,200. This is more than 13 times the broad-spectrum antioxidant protection of a serving of vitamin C and 10 times the broad-spectrum antioxidant protection of green tea on the Brunswick Labs Index.

Similarly, LivingFuel SuperGreens has an ORACFN level of 82,800 per serving and provides about 6 times as much broad-spectrum protection as a serving of vegetable juice blend.

This incredible antioxidant power is just one of the reasons Living Fuel products are complete superfoods. Living Fuel superfoods are designed as complete nutrition to sustain life indefinitely while providing sustained energy and satisfying hunger and cravings. They exemplify the Four Corners of Optimal Nutrition, one of the most well-researched nutritional approaches in existence. Each serving includes unprecedented antioxidant power; calorie restriction with optimal nutrition; low-glycemic response, and essential fats. While other foods such as vitamin C and grape seed extract are high in antioxidants, they are simply supplements not foods.

“Hippocrates’ admonition to ‘let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food’ is exemplified by Living Fuel,” continues Dr. Smith. “I have seen many patients, friends and family members recover from serious medical conditions while using Living Fuel as the mainstay of their diets until they improved.” 

About Brunswick Laboratories
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About Living Fuel, Inc.
Living Fuel is the leader in superfood nutrition in purity, potency, quality and truth. The company’s mission is to change lives with leading-edge, high-end superfoods. Living Fuel quality products are meticulously designed with integrity and fresh, all-natural, organic ingredients whenever possible. LivingFuel is for the entire family from the health challenged to the super healthy, including athletes like Olympic swimming champion Dara Torres and Boston Red Sox All-Star J.D. Drew, dieters and diabetics. The product line includes LivingFuel SuperBerry® Ultimate; SuperBerry® Original; SuperGreens; LivingProtein; SuperEssentials™ Omega 3EDA antioxidant essential fatty acids gelcaps; CocoChia™ Raw Food Sustained Energy Bars and Snack Mix; Super Coffee Rx™ gourmet antioxidant coffee extract and TheraSweet™ all-natural therapeutic sugar. For more information about Living Fuel or its products, visit or contact the company directly at (866) 580-3835.