New Thai Massage Tools Added to BestMassage's Offerings, MASSAGE MagazineChicago, IL. BestMassage, , the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is now the place to shop for a variety of high-quality Thai massage tools. In February, BestMassage added eight new Thai massage tools to its inventory: the Facial Roller, the Four-Point Massage Tool, the Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool, the Hand Reflexology and Foot Stick Combination Tool, the Healing Thumb Massage Tool, the Star Hand Tool, and the Back Scratcher. These individual massage tools currently range from $6.90 to $9.60 in price.

All of these massage tools are made in Thailand and are crafted from 100-percent rosewood. Most are designed for reflexology, the application of pressure to various points on the hands and feet that are thought to heal corresponding organs in the body. The Four-Point Massage Tool, the Hand Reflexology and Foot Stick Combination Tool, and the Star Hand Tool all have various points and protrusions that are intended to come in contact with reflexology points on the hands and feet. Massage therapists can use these tools on their clients, or consumers can use these tools on themselves.

Other tools have different or additional uses aside from reflexology. The Facial Roller massages the delicate muscles of the face with two small rollers, the Healing Thumb Massage Tool is used for muscle stripping and trigger point therapy; the Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool, which is hook-shaped, can be used by consumers to reach painful or tense spots on their backs; and the Back Scratcher which is designed to reach areas on the back or anywhere on the body.

According to Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage, adding the Thai massage tools to BestMassage’s stock made sense. “We wanted to offer high-quality tools that were useful for the traditional Thai massage therapist, the experienced bodyworker, or for those who wanted to use these tools on themselves. We realize that Thai massage is becoming increasingly popular and we want to be able to provide a wide variety of Thai massage tools for our customers to choose from.”

BestMassage has also added three Thai massage tool package deals to its website. The Professional Thai Massage Tool Package is ideal for traditional Thai massage therapists. It retails for $22, which saves customers $6.60. The Self-Massage Thai Tool Package, which retails for $37 with a $7.50 savings, is meant for home users to use on themselves. The Ultimate Thai Massage Tool Package features all eight of the new Thai massage tools plus the Thai Massage Stick which BestMassage debuted last year. This package is currently $50, which means a $16.10 savings for the customer.

The Thai massage tools and Thai massage tool packages are available at under the Massage Tool category.

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