(Jan. 13, 2012): Designed by a physical therapist with over 20 years of manual therapy experience, the Tola-System (U.S. patent pending) uniquely enables users to apply deep, precise pressure to hard-to-reach soft tissues. It features 3 carefully designed “points” that can be used seated, standing or lying down. The Tola-System can either target trigger points for pain-relief, or facilitate neuromuscular release prior to stretching. The three point contours allow multiple applications in terms of body area and deep pressure tolerance.

The points can be combined with one or more angled wedges or a rocker base to vary the angle and/or height of pressure application, introduce a rolling-effect or enable hand-held use. The system allows users to relax while relying on body or limb weight to apply pressure. A 50-page Tola-System manual guides the user through proper positioning and therapeutic examples. More information at www.optp.com.