The first years of parenthood are filled with a host of new experiences. While this special time is marked by tremendous joy and love, the path to new parenthood that many people dream of can also be overwhelming “ and time for parent-infant bonding is often fleeting and hard to experience to the fullest. To help parents more easily connect with their little one, Jaclyn Long, a pioneer in the area of conscientious parenting through yoga and mindfulness, has created the Yoga with Your Baby DVD, a loving new program about parent-child yoga designed specifically for new parents seeking a greater depth of physical connection and emotional attunement with their infant or toddler.

The award-winning Yoga with Your Baby program, endorsed by the Kids First Coalition for Quality Children™s Media and The National Parenting Center, is an inspiring tutorial that helps parents bond more consciously with their babies and toddlers through yoga, music, and mindfulness. In the Yoga with Your Baby DVD, Long personally guides parents through a series of exercises “ helping them to engage their little ones in a variety of baby yoga poses implemented in a loving respectful manner. The positions are easy to assume, calming and relaxing “ designed to foster a spirit of mutual love, trust and support.

I created Yoga with Your Baby to provide moms and dads alike with a compassionate step-by-step program that will enable them to connect more fully with their children through movement, music and mindfulness, said Long, founder and creator of the Yoga with Your Baby experience. I placed a strong emphasis on facilitating physical connection, emotional attunement and empathic resonance, which help lay the neural foundation in the infant™s developing mind for emotional well-being and resilience later in life.

The program provides guidance for 20 playful and interactive baby yoga poses along with uplifting songs “ some written by Long herself. Caregivers are encouraged to rhythmically move with and sing to their baby to induce a state of calm, security and well-being that is essential to the growth of the mind and the spirit “ and is at the root of human bonding. In addition, parents receive over 40 minutes of guidance in meditation, breathing practices and deep relaxation so they can restore themselves while their baby sleeps, since Long believes that parents who take good care of themselves can better care for their little ones.

The Yoga with Your Baby program blends insights not only from the ancient principles of yoga and Buddhism, but also from the groundbreaking study of interpersonal neurobiology as researched by Dr. Dan Siegel, and the psychology of attachment parenting pioneered by renown child development expert Dr. William Sears. Research into the human brain suggests that the attuned presence of a primary caregiver promotes healthy development of an infant™s brain. Psychological studies indicate that empathic mirroring facilitates a young child™s self-understanding, which increases the likelihood of self-confidence and well-being in adulthood.

Many new parents, with the very best of intentions, buy their infants the latest electronic toys to dazzle their baby™s senses, when what little ones need the most is quality time with their caregiver “ time spent in loving physical contact with emotional receptivity that builds a deep interpersonal connection and a foundation of security, trust and support that lasts a lifetime, Long stated. Baby yoga is an excellent way for parents to cultivate this loving relationship with their child. And I hope grandparents will try it too!

The Yoga with Your Baby DVD is now available at select specialty stores and online for $19.95 at For more information, please visit the Web site or call the Yoga with Your Baby marketing department at 415.831.4188.