New York Jets Gets Assistance from CoreStones, Massage-Stone Company, MASSAGE MagazineNew Paltz, N.Y. CoreStones has once again been called into action by the New York Jets. The Jets are at their preseason training camp in Cortland, New York. Head Athletic Trainer John Mellody contacted CoreStones’s Co-Founder Dale Montelione in early summer and asked her to spend a day working with him and his team.

Montelione will be using both CoreStones and the larger diameter SportStones. Montelione said, “I will be working with a range of professionals who’ve been assembled by the Jets athletic trainers to work with the team on their ‘recovery day.’ The players will need it after their rigorous workouts and contact on the field all weeklong. I will respond to the specific condition of each player, determining whether heat or ice will be most beneficial.”

SportStones give athletic trainers an effective therapeutic tool in the training room or on the sidelines. Professional athletic trainers have a tough challenge in achieving therapeutic depth on highly developed muscle.

The team arrived in Cortland (halfway between Binghamton, New York, and Syracuse, New York) on July 25. The players are working daily in a scheduled rotation of practice in “shells” or “pads” or full green-and-white scrimmages. All of the practices and scrimmages are open to the public. The Jets will play their first preseason game against the Detroit Lions on Aug. 9.

This will be Montelione’s second time working with the New York Jets. The first was in April at the Jets’ training center in Florham Park, New Jersey. CoreStones/SportStones are currently being used by athletic trainers with fix NFL teams: the New York Jets, the St. Louis Rams, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers and the Cleveland Browns.

CoreStones founders Dale Montelione and Jessica Jones first introduced SportStones at the annual meeting of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society in Indianapolis, Indiana, in February 2013.

About CoreStones

CoreStones Inc. is the developer and maker of the innovative and ergonomic soapstone massage therapy tool. The co-founders of CoreStones are Dale Montelione Grust and Jessica Jones. For more information, visit