Between trips to the gym, long hours at the office and spontaneous weekend rendezvous, the last thing on your mind is carrying around beauty products. Now there’s no need to think twice. Repêchage® has introduced the perfect solution–the newly designed Repêchage® Sea Spa Body Care Travel Collection.

Conveniently organized in a signature Sea Spa bag are the essentials for keeping your body beautiful, in travel sizes–perfect when you’re on-the-go! The Repêchage® Sea Spa Body Care Travel Collection easily travels with you to keep your body hydrated, nourished and glowing, no matter what your locale.

The collection, which helps skin retain its natural moisture, leaving skin silky smooth and touchable, includes:

  • Sea Spa Body Wash. Richly foaming pure energy seaweed body gel created with orange and sage extracts, with a pH balance of 6. Cleanses with natural hydrating and toning benefits. (1 ounce)
  • Seaweed Body Cream. Hydrating body cream with vitamin C, gingko biloba and mineral and protein rich seaweed that holds in skin’s natural moisture. Tones, nourishes and invigorates the entire body to keep skin looking healthy. (1 ounce)
  • Sea Spa Hand Cream with Antioxidants. Insulates hands from premature aging while providing a surge of soothing, cooling moisture as it helps to neutralize free radicals. Utilizes natural ingredients like green tea extracts, eucalyptus, lavender extract and shea butter for the ultimate skin cocktail. (1 ounce)
  • Sea Spa Foot Cream. Our super rich seaweed and shea butter formula helps to prevent dryness and callous build-up. Essential oil of peppermint cools, while soothing and relaxing tired, achy feet. (1 ounce)

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