A massage therapist with the Denver Broncos was interviewed for an article posted to the Fox Business website recently.

Gustave Boisits, who practices neuromuscular therapy and structural integration, runs a private practice when he’s not working on the pro football players, the article, titled “Bringing Some ‘Loving Healing’ to the NFL,” stated.

“The delicious part of his story—his life, really—is that he has long paid attention to his gift, developed it into a thriving business, but also stayed open to possibilities,” the article noted. “Here’s how you know when someone is doing exactly what they were put here to do—they can unabashedly say things like, ‘I’m not a person who’s interested in keeping [a client] because it’s a monetary thing. It’s not what pushes me to do this.'”

The article notes that Boisits specializes in pain elimination, and works on some clients for whom he is their last hope before surgery.