North Hollywood, CA – The Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars Season 15 premieres next week, and one massage professional is credited with helping past contestants compete on the show.

Last season, celebrity dancer Katherine Jenkins, who finished in second place, was unable to complete her second dance routine of the evening when she hurt her back. The classically trained singer, 31, attempted a back bend during her final routine of the night, but stumbled in the process, falling to the ground. Her professional dance partner Mark Ballas and several others had to hold her up and help her off the stage.

After leaving the stage, Jenkins was immediately taken to Boris Prilutsky for treatment of her back. After an intensive 30-minute treatment session, Jenkins was able to rejoin her fellow cast mates for an after-show celebration. Ultimately, her doctor diagnosed her with a reflectorical spasm in her lower back. 

Prilutsky also assisted celebrity dancer Maria Menounos and her professional dance partner Derek Hough. Menounous first met Prilutsky when a doctor referred her to him for treatment. She had been suffering with two broken ribs and three broken toes on her left foot and two on her right foot. Prilutsky treated Menounous three to four times per week. Boris’ treatments focused on managing her significant inflammation and edema in her foot with a combination of lymph drainage, massage, fascia release and trigger-point therapy. Menounos said the only reason she was able to stay on the show is because of Prilutsky’s amazing treatments. Additionally, Prilutsky started treating Menounous’ partner Derek Hough when he hurt his back in rehearsals.

Prilutsky has been teaching and practicing medical and sports massage for the last 40 years. He graduated from the Pedagogic Institute of Higher Education in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, with a degree in physical education. He completed a postgraduate physical rehabilitation study at Lesgoft Institute of former Leningrad and graduated from Medical College in Ramat-Gan, Israel, with a degree in chiropractic medicine.

Besides working with Jenkins, Menounos and Hough, Prilutsky has treated numerous professional athletes, Olympians, movie stars and world dignitaries. He worked closely with U.S. Olympic sprinter Rodney Martin. 

Boris Prilutsky also founded the Southern California Health Institute School of Massage and Physical Therapy Aide/Sports Rehab Training in North Hollywood, California in 1996. Students who attend Southern California Health Institute not only gain book knowledge, but most importantly they learn the same treatment techniques and protocols Prilutsky uses to treat famous athletes and people like Maria Menunos, Derek Hough, Katherine Jenkins and Rodney Martin.