Los Angeles, CA (January 2010) – For all the times it’s not convenient or cost-effective—or dare we say, realistic—to travel all over the world, Not Soap, Radio has created a group of products to alter your surroundings.

Break away from the monotony with Not Soap, Radio’s “I’m not here, I’m really…” line of decadent body soufflés, polishes and dry oil perfumes that whisk you away to a happy place—be it on the beach, spa or at a movie premiere.

The “I’m not here, I’m really…” collection is paraben-free, 98 percent natural and includes:

• An exfoliating, moisturizing sugared body polish with added antioxidant, supple-skin making cranberry seed

• A rich cocoa-butter/sunflower oil infused body soufflé neck to toe moisturizer. Great for expectant mothers, as cocoa butter and sunflower may aid in the prevention of stretch marks.

• A cucumber and jojoba, extra-hydrating, light and silky all-over dry oil perfume spray—like a lotion and a fragrance in one. Can be used as a room spray as well.

Available in the following nine decadent, delectable and captivating fragrances:

• I’m not here, I’m really walking the red carpet

black and red currant, rose and jasmine blend


• I’m not here, I’m really lounging poolside at a beachfront resort

vanilla, coconut, pineapple, hibiscus, tropical blossom


• I’m not here, I’m really at the spa

lavender infused with apricot and a hint of eucalyptus, hyacinth, peony


• I’m not here, I’m really meditating in a zen garden

lotus flower, cooling greens, ginger, melon


• I’m not here, I’m really at the country club

Champagne sugar: lemon, bergamot, dew fruit, pineapple, gardenia


• I’m not here, I’m really up at a mountain retreat

rhubarb, wild spearmint, jasmine, lily of the valley, vanilla


• I’m not here, I’m really on holiday in Tuscany

tangerine, neroli, bergamot, lime, sweet tea


• I’m not here, I’m really island hopping

coconut, lemongrass, vanilla, verbena, musk


• I’m not here, I’m really on vacation in a quaint seaside village

nectarine blossom, honey, peach, black currant, green mandarin


Products in the “I’m not here, I’m really…” collection retail between $20 to $22. For more information, visit www.notsoapradio.com.

About the company

Not Soap, Radio was launched six years ago by former fashion writer and publicist Laura Cabot. The range began with seven aromatherapeutic body washes and has expanded to include color cosmetics, lip balms and glosses, an all-natural spa/travel collection with sugared body scrubs, body soufflés, dry oil sprays, professional spa products, hotel amenities and a children’s line. The collection is available in more than 400 boutiques here and abroad.