New Freedom, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) August 10, 2009 — OAKWORKS Inc., the premier U.S. manufacturer of spa, massage, and medical equipment, today announced the expansion of its bolster product line with the addition of a new Fluffy Bolster, a new Rectangular Bolster, and a new 8-inch Half-round Bolster. The Oakworks line of bolsters represents the most extensive line of spa and massage positioning devices available. Oakworks positioning devices are designed to address the unique needs of professional therapists who wish to provide their customers with the highest possible level of comfort while enabling better therapeutic services. As always, Oakworks products are made from superior globally sourced materials that combine sensitivity to the environment with performance excellence.

The Fluffy Bolster represents a softer alternative to conventional foam bolsters. In those situations where a more delicate means of positioning is required, the super soft 8-inch Fluffy Bolster provides the ultimate in cradling support for the hips, knees and ankles. Filled with ultra-soft polyester material and covered with earth friendly, PVC free TerraTouch upholstery, the Oakworks 8-inch Fluffy Bolster is the perfect positioning tool.

The Rectangular Bolster was designed specifically to support a client’s leg when in a side lying position. Measuring 7″ x 10″ x 27″, the Rectangular Bolster offers two levels of height and ample surface area to help the client relax. Filled with compliant polyurethane foam and covered with earth friendly, PVC free TerraTouch upholstery, the Rectangular Bolster offers stable support for clients in side lying positions.

The 8-inch Half-round Bolster was designed in response to therapists’ need for a larger configuration. Oakworks now offers half-round bolsters in 6-inch and 8-inch diameters. Both are 26 inches long and both are available in a choice of earth friendly, PVC free TerraTouch or UltraTouch upholstery. This addition completes Oakworks conventional foam bolster product line.

The Oakworks bolster product line also includes:

Comfort that Cares Bolsters provide a full line of bolsters bearing the Comfort that Cares™ logo. The sale of specially marked bolsters that are part of our Comfort that Cares campaign will help raise breast cancer awareness and contribute to finding a cure thru the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Conventional Foam Bolsters encompass round, semi-round, and half round bolster designs in 6″ and 8″ diameters that represent basic positioning tools used by every therapist.

The ButterflyCushion is a patented design and is ideal for supporting the chest, sternum, shoulders, ribcage and spine and offers comfort following surgical procedures. The dual air chambers enable you to achieve the perfect level of support.

The BodyCurve prevents the client’s neck from being hyper-extended during comprehensive treatments like facials, waxing and massage services. The angled sides offer accessibility without sacrificing support. The BodyCurve can also be used for lower back support or to support the wrist.

The Wedge Bolster is designed for use along with the QuickLock Face Rest platform to create a quick and easy backrest for any portable or stationary massage table.

The Sternum Pad is designed for use with the OAKWORKS Portal Pro or the Desktop Portal to comfortably support ample figures

The Air Bolster offers the ultimate in comfort and positioning with its patented design. Adjustable in height and designed to create a stabilizing support for all clients.

Unlimited versatility makes these comfortable and supportive bolsters, pads, and cushions the building blocks for positioning clients. Oakworks bolsters are made in the USA, and are covered with imported PVC-Free TerraTouch or UltraTouch upholstery fabric. All of these products comply with the flame safety standards set forth in California Technical Bulletin 117 as well as the associated labeling requirements.

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Since its inception 30 years ago in South Central Pennsylvania, OAKWORKS has been committed to creating products that promote comfort, relaxation, and healing for individuals receiving therapeutic treatments. The Comfort that Cares campaign is a unique embodiment of the company’s ideals; blending corporate giving, Oakworks hallmark product comfort, and the opportunity to encourage thousands of therapists to talk with their clients and raise breast cancer awareness.

OAKWORKS is the premier manufacturer of spa, massage, and medical equipment with 30 years of precision manufacturing experience and the best quality control in the industry. Known for design innovation, sophisticated engineering, quick turnaround time, and a unique commitment to U.S. manufacturing and environmental wellness, OAKWORKS is setting the global standard in the markets it serves. OAKWORKS is a Plant-a-Tree Partner with Trees for the Future and meets their requirements for a Global Cooling Business. OAKWORKS is an official Corporate Sponsor of the Comfort that Cares campaign in partnership with The National Breast Cancer Foundation. OAKWORKS has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council Standard for Chain of Custody Certification: Certificate SGS-COC-005887. The Mark of Responsible Forestry 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.