Balance is the theme at this year’s American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, scheduled for Sept. 22 to 25, 2010. Balance is exemplified by Oakworks®, the largest U.S manufacturer of treatment tables and chairs, accessories and other equipment for the professional bodyworker. At this year’s AMTA convention, Oakworks will showcase its new NOVA 123 System, as well as its innovative Side-lying Positioning System (SLP), with the help of Carole Osborne, Rebecca Savage, Roger McNear, Irene Diamond and Paul Lewis.

Not only does the company showcase its creative style and technical ingenuity, it brings instructors to demonstrate its vast functionality. Oakworks has continually responded to the industry’s needs for more than 30 years by offering unsurpassed quality equipment, phenominal care and support to help people excel in their chosen fields. Both product and education will be combined at its interactive exhibit on the trading floor.

  • Osborne, R.M.T. (pregnancy massage) and co-inventor of the SLP System, will demonstrate its functionality when treating pregnant women and other conditions requiring side-lying positioning. She’s offering a four-part prenatal positioning workshop throughout the conference.
  • Savage, inventor of the NOVA ABC System, will be present to explain the features of her table designed with the therapist in mind to ease the pressure on the client’s upper torso in supine or prone positions.
  • McNear will present a three-part series on “Use of the Mattes Chair for proper stretching of the neck and shoulder.”
  • Diamond will present two-part series on “How to Fill Your Appointment Book” and “How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Fast, the Diamond Method.”
  • Lewis, R.M.T., offers four different seminars at the conference from the Oakworks booth: “Adjusting the Chair for the Therapist and Client,” “Rhythmic Mobilizations on the Table and Chair Assessing Shoulder Restrictions, “Using Dynamic Angular Petrissage” and “Pillowing and Bolstering for Client Support and Comfort.” Lewis will be available to explain and demonstrate his new advanced technique, Dynamic Angular Petrissage™(DAP), using the table and chair, as well as other advanced techniques featured on his new Integrative Advanced Techniques for the Upper Body DVD. He will show proper pillowing, bolstering and alternative positioning for clients as well as proper body mechanics for the therapist integrating table and chair transitional techniques. Lewis will also be demonstrating the Lewis Circles self-care exercise as seen in his Telly Award-Winning In-Chair Instructional DVD.