SpaceTime Tanks has upped the ante on total mind, health and body relaxation therapy by adding the nexNeuro SMART Lounge to its current practice of floatation and massage therapy.

The Stress Management and Relaxation Therapy (SMART) Lounge is a non-medical vibroacoustic mattress system that provides audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body. This therapy delivers “natural stimulants” in a passive and non-evasive process that exercises the brain and central nervous system.

“While floating in the sensory deprivation tanks, one can experience an intensified consciousness of the body and mind and can reflect, ponder, explore and refine one’s powers of concentration and creativity. Basically the floatation tanks helps remove the everyday stress in people’s lives and lets them think more clearly,” said Eric Polcyon of SpaceTime Tanks. “And that’s why I added the nexNeuro SMART Lounges. The lounge complements the tanks by adding a whole new level to stress management. The tanks have zero stimulus while the lounge has total stimulus. It’s the complete package! One can even get a massage to heighten the total mind/body experience.”

The SMART Lounge therapeutic system uses special transducers designed to vibrate the body with optimal psychological and physical impact. Vibroacoustic music (VAM) resonates through the body’s nerves, skin and bones. The system also incorporates music (sound therapy) and brain entrainment. Brain entrainment or “brainwave synchronization” is any practice that aims to cause brainwave frequency to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (e.g., to induce sleep). nexNeuro has partnered with experts in music, binaural beat and brainwave entrainment to assure the effectiveness of our REST Audio Sound Software.

About SpaceTime Tanks
SpaceTime Tanks has been providing “Floating” in Chicago since 1982 and today is the longest running Floatation Center in the world. To try out the floatation tank or the nexNeuro SMART Lounge, visit SpaceTime Tanks at 2526 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago or visit them on the web at

About nexNeuro:
nexNeuro is a pioneer in a new culture of stress relief and mind-body rejuvenation at a time when the world needs it the most. Corporate employees, hospital workers, care givers, and military personnel all suffer from tremendous amounts of anxiety and emotional fatigue; but everyone endures stress in their lives. The nexNeuro System sessions include clients that require therapy to extend mobility, manage pain, reduce stress, rehabilitative therapy, for patients recovering from surgery and provide sensory stimulation for individuals with progressive neurological diseases and disorders.