Pennsylvania sports-massage therapist Mike Walters was profiled for his volunteer work with the U.S. Volunteer Medical Program, in a recent newspaper article.

The article ran in The Patriot-News, serving Pennsylvania. Walters practices massage in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The newspaper noted that Walters was chosen from thousands of hopefuls.

“Dr. Michael Reed, the [United States’ Olympic Commttee’s] medical director, said competition for these spots, much like those for the team itself, are highly coveted and difficult to attain,” the article stated. “‘We’re really trying to take our shining stars to care for our athletes,'” the newspaper quoted Reed as saying. “‘Mike’s an all-around, well-balanced individual. He’s really there for the athletes.'”

“‘People say “Oh my gosh, you’re going to the Olympics, it will be so much fun,”‘” the newspaper quoted Walters as saying. “‘But I say, “No, I’m not going on vacation. I’m going to work.” You’re there to help the team perform to the utmost.'”

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