A March 20 event, Massage Makes Me Happy & Healthy, will feature Tiffany Field, PhD, founder of Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine and a pioneer in massage therapy research.

Field will share studies that underpin the statement that massage makes people feel happy and healthy.

The event is appropriate for massage therapists and for their clients, to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy. There is a free tool kit intended to help massage therapists promote the positive benefits of massage therapy, share why massage makes a person happy, and celebrate Massage Makes me Happy Day.

Presenters will also review current massage trends, describe how massage practitioners are enhancing safety protocols during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and demonstrate self-massage for wellness.

For 2020, the annual Massage Makes Me Happy event has added “and healthy” to its focus. Especially now, during COVID-19-related isolation and stay-at-home behavior, the benefits of positive touch are highlighted perhaps more than ever before.

“On our COVID-19 lockdown survey, 68% said they were feeling touch deprived,” Field told MASSAGE Magazine. “Because only 23% were living alone, even people living with others felt touch deprived,” she added. Field is on the board of Massage Makes Me Happy.

“Only 33% said they were touching their partner a lot and only 21% said they touched their children a lot,” Field continued. Touch deprivation was related to high scores on anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances and PTSD scales, she added.

“Massage Makes Me Happy,” a Global Wellness Institute initiative, launched in 2017 with the mission of spreading awareness about the positive impacts of touch therapies to consumers and medical, spa, and wellness professionals. It is celebrated at the same time as the International Day of Happiness. (Partners supporting MMMH Day include MASSAGE Magazine, Earthlite, Universal Companies, Pura Wellness and Massage Warehouse.)