(PHOENIX, Ariz., March 17, 2009) – The leading Arizona provider for on-site employee wellness has announced their national expansion.  The Back Rub Company provides workplace wellness programs including seated chair massage, fitness classes and lunch & learn workshops, in addition to event and trade-show massage nationwide.
“We’ve built an amazing team of experts across the country,” said Tiffany Richards, owner of The Back Rub Company.  “From massage therapists to nutritionists to fitness authorities, we are truly the nation’s one-stop-shop for the best employee health and wellness services.”   
As more and more is expected of workers during these difficult times of layoffs and budget-crunches, maintaining good health is essential in the workplace.  Without a healthy and vibrant workforce, productivity suffers, further increasing hardship on the company. 

”Most companies are cutting back to save money,” said Richards.  “However, the majority of our clients have chosen to maintain their wellness programs and offer affordable options like chair massage or a weekly yoga class.  They are one of the only things employees look forward to, especially when everyone is stressed, trying to stretch resources.”
Even the smallest employee-incentives make a big difference.  The American Journal of Health Promotions shows that for every dollar spent on wellness, employers can get up to $10 back through fewer medical claims, reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and other factors.

”Smart companies understand that these programs increase their ROI, reduce worker’s compensation and insurance claims and raise employee morale,” said Richards.  “We want to debunk the myth that wellness programs are expensive and only for corporate giants.  Business owners quickly learn that weekly chair massage, for example, doesn’t cost any more than an office lunch.”
Businesses can never afford to have sluggish, un-productive workers, but as the crisis looms on, dynamic and healthy employees are essential to keep a company on track until things turn around.

For information about The Back Rub Company’s Workplace Wellness Programs, call 480-330-2066 or visit www.thebackrubcompany.com.
The Back Rub Company is the nation’s one-stop-shop for on-site health and wellness.  The firm offers event massage, mobile massage & spa services and complete customized workplace wellness programs including on-site massage, wellness workshops, fitness classes, nutrition seminars and more in all 50 states.  The Back Rub Company also offers in-home massage and massage at their three conveniently located Metro-Phoenix  clinics.  Visit www.thebackrubcompany.com