Nursing homes are a venue in which geriatric-massage therapists can be found, and massage has been found to reduce seniors’ pain, decrease agitation and improve balance.

A just-released report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 25 percent of all nursing-home residents reported or showed signs of pain.

Among the results of “Prevalence and Management of Pain, by Race and Dementia Among Nursing Home Residents: United States, 2004”:

• Nonwhite residents and residents with dementia were less likely to report or show signs of pain compared with white residents and residents without dementia.

• Nonwhite residents with dementia were least likely, and white residents without dementia were most likely to report or show signs of pain.

• Forty-four percent of nursing home residents with pain received neither standing orders for pain medication nor special services for pain management (i.e., appropriate pain management).

• Among residents with dementia and pain, nonwhite residents were more likely than white residents to lack appropriate pain management.

Source: CDC,

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