Plymouth, Minnesota (PRWeb) December 24, 2008 — OneTouch Massage has established itself as a leader in the massage table industry by offering the OneTouch Ultra-Light, a lightweight portable massage table that raises the bar for balancing lightness with strength and quality. Sensitive to the needs of mobile massage therapists, OneTouch strives to achieve the optimum blend of quality, strength, comfort and lightness in portable massage equipment. Through their factory direct pricing, OneTouch offers a competitive pricing advantage on quality products by eliminating the middleman.

According to a survey published in the December/January 2006 issue of Massage & Bodywork Magazine, a large number of massage therapists are forced to leave the massage profession due to work-related injury. OneTouch seeks to reduce the number of work-related injuries by equipping massage therapists with products that are ergonomic and mobile-friendly.

Weighing in at a mere 23 pounds, the OneTouch Ultra-Light benefits from the lightweight properties of aluminum, the lightest material on the market for portable massage tables. The combined strength and lightness of aluminum make it the preferred material for manufacturers of lightweight massage tables. The Ultra-Light helps prevent back injuries caused by lugging a heavy portable table and provides ultimate portability for even the most petite massage therapist.

Not to be outdone in comfort, the Ultra-Light Series boasts a full two inches of luxury foam padding. This high density foam reshapes well and retains its shape over time. A removable and fully adjustable face cradle, crafted of premium polished metal, and a hanging forward armrest shelf, store underneath the table for ease in transporting massage equipment.

The Ultra-Light’s telescoping legs allow for eight different height adjustments, ranging from 25 to 31 inches. With a length of 74 inches and a width of 26 inches, the Ultra-Light offers a comfortable amount of room for the client, while preventing the need for the therapist to overextend, which can lead to muscle strain or injury. The structure of the table also allows flexibility for alternative bodywork such as reiki.

OneTouch values its close relationship with customers, realizing that interaction with today’s massage industry is vital to customer satisfaction and product improvement. The united efforts of OneTouch and its customers result in innovative design and products that meet the needs of massage today.

According to George Lee, founder and president of OneTouch, customer interaction influences OneTouch Massage products in two ways: “One is we have a professional massage therapist that tests our products and recommends new products to offer. The second way is we solicit feedback from visitors and customers on our web store,” In response to the recommendations of its customers and product testers, OneTouch recently launched a massage table case with wheels that prevents muscle strain and injury in transporting a portable massage table.

About Mobile Massage Therapy

Massage therapy seeks to achieve the overall well-being of the client through therapeutic touch, body massage, and relaxation techniques. Mobile massage offers the luxury of in-home and on-site massage in the comfort and convenience of familiar surroundings. The convenience of on-site massage also appeals to time-crunched individuals and travelers. A massage can help speed recovery from jetlag and the stress of travel.

Mobile massage therapists often provide massage services for group events such as bridal parties, home spa events, and birthday parties. A growing number of employers are choosing to incorporate massage in the workplace to enhance the productivity of their employees and reduce stress in the work environment. Promotional events, conventions, and holiday parties also present opportunities for businesses to boost office morale by offering the services of a mobile massage therapist to their employees.

About OneTouch Massage

OneTouch Massage, a subsidiary of Probus OneTouch, was founded by individuals with a vision of putting premium quality products into the hands of consumers at factory direct prices. OneTouch specializes in selling new products directly from the factory, thereby minimizing hidden costs and margins. The end result is competitively low prices on in-demand products coupled with superior customer service based on trust and integrity.