Surveys conducted by Crafted Media produced confusing results. 88.8 percent of businesses polled that online marketing is very or quite important, but in actuality most of these companies spend less than 25 percent of their marketing budget on online resources. This proves many opportunities to advertise and advance businesses online are being squandered. Then research goes on to show that even companies that are marketing on the internet do not monitor their internet traffic or use Search Engine Optimization tools. And so the missed chances continue. Brad Warwick, co-founder and business development director at Crafted Media reiterates this idea by stating, “In the current economic climate, where every marketing penny needs to be spent wisely, many companies underestimate the power of an effective website or online marketing campaign.” Warwick feels companies need to work on making their websites as easy to use and accessible as possible, increasing chances for website traffic and therefore enabling the business to be noticed by more potential costumers or clients.      (