The World Massage Conference, being held November 12 to 17, is poised to be the largest event in the history of massage with over 10,000 massage therapists from around the world already registered.

“With three months to go, we’re looking to far exceed last year’s record of 11,600 participants,” says Scott Dartnall, one of the event organizers.

The World Massage Conference is a “virtual conference” which you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. It brings together more than 70 international massage therapy educators and experts who will be doing live presentations over the Internet for the six day event. Talks will cover the latest developments in massage techniques, research, treatment, educator skills, business and self care.

Speakers include: Sandy Fritz, Paul St John, Judith Aston, Thomas Myers, Ruth Werner, Linda Tellington-Jones, Leon Chaitow, Cherie Sohnen-Moe, Gil Hedley, Tiffany Field, Ralph Stephens, Steve Capellini, David Kent, James Waslaski, Eric Brown and dozens more renowned massage experts.

Registration fees start at $59 and give participants access to all presentations. “Accessibility has been a driving principle in the development of the conference,” emphasizes Eric Brown, who has been largely responsible for the technology behind the event. “Anyone can afford to attend. And from a technology perspective, even people with slow dial up connections can listen to the sessions without any problems.”

“It’s truly a green conference,” explains Melanie Hayden, another of the organizers. “There’s no travel involved. Participants just log into the website at the time of a live presentation to listen to some of the top minds in the massage industry. And everything is recorded and archived so if you can’t attend live, it’s not a problem. Just listen in when it’s convenient.”

For a limited time, you can register for Full Access at half price, only $99.

Full Access registration includes access to all live broadcasts. Participants can ask speakers questions online before and during the presentations. If participants can’t attend the sessions live, recordings will be available for replay. Broadcasts can also be downloaded to your computer, burned to CD or put on your MP3 player for listening on the go. Transcripts of selected presentations will be available and most presentations are eligible for continuing education credits.

An exciting element of this year’s show is the Virtual Lounge where you can meet and interact with your colleagues, meet new friends and learn from the experiences of fellow massage therapists from around the globe. You’ll be able to discuss various issues through online forums, chat in real time, discuss presentations as they are in progress, IM or email individual participants, share pictures, videos, and more!

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