From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Make the Web Work for You,” by Jeffrey Noe, in the May 2010 issue. Article summary: Driving traffic to your website involves maximizing your search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities. SEO is the process of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to your website through optimizing the ranking and indexing of your website in a search engine results page. Optimizing a website primarily involves editing content and coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove roadblocks to the indexing activities of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

by Sharon Buck

What do you do only 12 times that keeps your clients booking more appointments and generates additional income? If you guessed a newsletter, you would be right.

Here is an easy, step-by-step way to stay in touch with your clients, promote your services and not cost a dime.

The only thing you need to create an online newsletter is an e-mail address; you don’t even need a website to create a newsletter.

Start by asking your clients for their e-mail addresses. Tell them you are now doing a monthly online newsletter and you know they would like to know about massage specials, health-related articles and more.

Use your current e-mail address, put your clients’ e-mail addresses in the BCC (blind carbon copy) section. This will hide your clients’ addresses from each other, thus maintaining client confidentiality.

You can write very brief articles, with section headings, such as “Monthly Massage Special,” “Health Tips,” “Self-Care” and “Information About Massage.”

Finding articles and tips is easy. Surf the Internet for various topics you are interested in and summarize the article into a series of short tips and include that in your newsletter. Be sure to attribute the information to the original source, use quotation marks if you are drawing from any material verbatim and request permission if you want to use more than 100 words from any article.

If you want to use a monthly auto-responder to e-mail your newsletter but don’t want to spend the money to do so, then find another business or person who would like to sponsor your newsletter. Multi-level marketing people are looking for ways to promote their businesses inexpensively. In fact, suggest they forward your e-mail newsletter to their clients. This effectively promotes both of your businesses.

Offer them two sponsorships for $10, such as “Health Tips, Sponsored by [their name and contact information].” Get two sponsorships per month, and you have paid for an auto-responder and newsletter templates.

Creating and blasting out your e-mail newsletter takes less than two hours a month, brings in additional appointments and continually keeps your name in front of your clients.

Sharon Buck is the author of Bodyworkers Resource–Easy Techniques for Common Massage Problems and a massage-business coach. She has published in hundreds of national and international magazines on various subjects, is a massage teleseminar leader and website designer, and a massage therapist. Her websites, focusing on business aspects for massage therapists, are and