Yes It’s Organic, an online store, expands to offer 100 percent certified organic cotton and wool comforters and mattress pads. The certified organic, merino wool comes from organically raised sheep.

05.27.2009 – Yes It’s Organic, an online store featuring only organic and eco friendly goods, recently added organic mattress pads and comforters made from certified organic cotton and wool. Both the pads and the comforters, in adult and crib sizes, have an outer shell made from 100 percent certified organic cotton which is stuffed with 100% certified organic wool.

When asked why consumers should care if their bedding is organic, Ed Mass, President and Founder of Yes It’s Organic replied, “Well, just like food if clothing, towels and bedding are made from non organic cotton and wool, they may contain harmful chemicals, retained in the fibers from farming and manufacturing processes. We can absorb these toxins while we breathe and sleep. We spend 7 to 9 hours in our beds every 24 hours. Why not make bed the purest space available?”

Mass added, “Organic options, like the ones in our store, are 100 percent organic or eco-friendly. We use nontoxic dyes; our manufacturers employ fair labor and practice fair trade. And, the sheep grown for their wool are raised organically and the wool is washed with organic soap. We have a list of certifications used to qualify and quantify the true eco friendliness and sustainability of these products.” [The list is available on their website in the Certifications Explanations section.]

In a Natural Life Magazine article Mass explains some differences between organic and non-organic wool.

Natural Life Magazine, November/December 2008: Organic Fabrics [Organic sheep production…includes the following practices: Sheep must be fed 100 percent organically grown feed (grains) and forage (pastures); use of synthetic hormones, vaccinations and genetic engineering is prohibited; use of synthetic pesticides (internal, external and on pastures) is prohibited.

There are two key distinctions in organic livestock management. First is the elimination of “dipping,” a method of controlling external parasites in which sheep are submerged in pools containing organophosphate-based parasiticides. Studies have indicated that prolonged exposure to sheep dip pesticides causes changes in the nervous system of humans. Moreover, disposal and runoff of dips can contaminate ground water supplies.

Secondly, in order to maintain their certification, organic livestock producers cannot exceed the natural carrying capacity of the land, thus preventing the effects of overgrazing.]

Organic wool is eco friendly, biodegradable and naturally soft. Wool has temperature moderating fibers that make it sensible and useful for all season use. The fibers insulates, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Wool is also a good option for families with chemical sensitivities, allergies or those that want to make healthy choices for their family and the planet. Wool is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. It is mold and mildew resistant and it inhibits mites.

The adult organic mattress pads, baby organic mattress pads, and comforters offered through Yes It’s Organic, are manufactured using eco friendly procedures and products. Covered with 100% certified organic cotton and stuffed with 100 percent pure organic, merino wool, they are ISO 9000:2001 Certified for quality control management and environmentally friendly practices.

Visit to learn more about certifications like ISO 9000:2001, Certified Organic, Fair Labor/Trade, or Eco Friendly, and how they apply to a healthy, safe sleep.