OPTP Introduces the SMARTROLLER®, MASSAGE MagazineMinneapolis, MN – OPTP has introduced the SMARTROLLER®, a uniquely designed, extremely resilient, two-in-one foam roller. This patented foam roller has one side that is flatter and one side that is rounder, making it one of the most versatile foam rollers available. The rounder side of the SMARTROLLER increases roller movement, while the flatter side decreases movement.

Reduced height and a shape that harmonizes with the human body provide greater comfort when lying supine on the roller. The shape also creates easier mounting and dismounting than is possible with conventional rollers.

When people rest their full back on the SMARTROLLER, there is more open space for the ribs and the mid-spine to move during exercise. Because there are two sides to choose from, the SMARTROLLER can be flipped over to diminish or increase the movement of the roller, opening up even more positional and movement possibilities.

“The SMARTROLLER offers a new dimension in the use of foam rollers for balance, strengthening and body awareness as part of an overall fitness program. The more rounded side increases the pressure on the spinous processes, thereby assisting in the unloading, lengthening and realignment of the vertebral bodies and discs in preparation for strengthening of the most important spinal support muscle—the erector spinae. The flatter side offers a greater challenge to balance when lying on the roller, thereby stimulating the nervous system and postural support muscles,” said Sara M. Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S.

The SMARTROLLER is a user-friendly tool for rehabilitation, which affords healthy people a tremendous variety of challenges and progressive movements. This roller can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels.

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